Mascarene, Paul

Mascarene, Paul
   Born in Castras, in the south of France. Educated at Geneva, and afterwards went to England; naturalized, 1706. Entered the army, 1708; accompanied his regiment to America, 1710; took part in the capture of Port Royal. Became lieutenant-colonel of Philipps's regiment, and a member of the Council of Nova Scotia. Lieutenant-governor of Annapolis, 1740, and administrator of the government of the province until the arrival of Governor Cornwallis, 1749. Defended Annapolis against Du Vivier, 1744. Retired from active service on account of advancing age; gazetted major-general. Lived in Boston until his death.
   Bib.: Selections from the Public Documents of Nova Scotia, ed. by Akins; Campbell, History of Nova Scotia. See also Acadians, Expulsion of the.

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